From The Star To The Cross…by Stu Schlackman

Mr. Schlackman is a Jewish man who accepted Jesus as his messiah. ‘From The Star to The Cross Accepting the Promised Path from Judaism into Christianity’ tells how that happened and more.

Mr. Schlackman has an easy to read writing style and goes into much detail.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one is eleven chapters long and describes his life from childhood as an orthodox Jewish boy in Yonkers all the way through his becoming a Christian and a deacon helping others with their spiritual journeys in Dallas, TX. Part two is two chapters of theory on how and why he came to accept the Truth and why it may or may not be hard for others to do the same. Part three is the shortest of all, consisting of only one chapter. To me it is mainly encouragement and exhortation about coming to Jesus. From The Star to The Cross is 184 pages detailing Mr. Schlackman’s spiritual journey beginning with Judaism and on into Christianity.

As a non-Jew, but someone who believes they are still God’s chosen people who HE has a future planned for, I found this book very interesting and enlightening. I believe that Jews still practicing Judaism could find it interesting and enlightening as well because Mr. Schlackman knows where they are coming from and can relate, and when he shares scriptures it is with that background influencing the scriptures he shares. He is now looking at God’s word from a slightly different perspective which he shares in the book, but he still is and always will be a Jew. He gives fellow Jews, for a Jew who accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior doesn’t cease to be a Jew, God’s word straight out of the Old Testament to point them to Jesus as the Messiah. He shares scriptures from the Old Testament prophesying about the Messiah, and the New Testament scriptures that show Jesus fulfilled those prophesies.

The insights he gives non Jews into the Jewish life and heritage is priceless.

If you get the opportunity to read this book, it is well worth your time. I highly recommend it.


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