A Different Take on The Casey Anthony Verdict….

What a violent uproar has erupted since the jury acquitted Casey Anthony.  Threats on the lives of jurors, murder attempts on the lives of innocent residents of other states, ‘breaking news’ alerts by the tv stations as anything having to do with Casey Anthony is released, it just goes on and on.

When I read the title ‘Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace and Trials as Entertainment’ I wondered what Rod would say that hadn’t been said by dozens of others.  It was a pleasant surprise to find that the article gave a level-headed take on all this and wraps up with some thoughts worth thinking about as we mull this all over in our minds.

The article was posted on Rod Parsley’s CMC Daily News website Monday, July 18.  Here is a link to an article I think is worth reading.

Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace and Trials as Entertainment http://cmc.rodparsley.com/News.aspx?nid=4126


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