My 1st BookSneeze Book

About a week ago I joined Thomas Nelson Publishing’s program, BookSneeze.  It is a program that offers free books that Thomas Nelson is publishing for bloggers to read and review.  You sign up, have your blog accepted, choose a book, read the book, write a review of 200 words or more, and post it on your blog and on a commercial site like Christian Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc..  Send a link to your posts about the book back to BookSneeze and once they verify that you wrote the 200 word review and made the appropriate posts you can choose another book to review.  They have print books as well as e-books to choose from.

My 1st book arrived in the mail today!  🙂  It is about George Washington Carver, so stay tuned, I should have the book read and the review written shortly.  Since I read some of it online already and the reading goes quickly, it isn’t beyond imagination that I could be writing the review tonight even, but it should be done in a day or two at the latest.  If you don’t see it tonight, try back in a couple of days.  🙂

Off to read!  🙂


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