Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint

In Saving Freedom Senator Demint uses a combination of stories, parables, personal experiences, and quotes (Biblical, historical, and contemporary) to illustrate the points he needs to advance as he takes the reader through the rise and fall of freedom in this country, the principle and institutions of freedom, and the action steps needed to turn our country around.

If you want to read a free chapter of this book you can download one from this link…

In the introduction he uses the story of the gingerbread man as a comparison to the United States, in such a way that he gets the reader’s attention and agreement before getting more than two and a half pages into the book!

Through out the book Senator Demint explains, compares, and contrasts freedom and socialism.

He makes a strong case for the idea that we as a country are slipping into full-fledged socialism, tells of what led to where we are now, the dangers of being where we are, the dangers of further progression along our current path and near the end of the book how we can get what we have lost back!

He explains what we have lost and why it matters.  I appreciate his giving so thorough a coverage of the matter as well as not leaving the reader in gloom and despair but rather outlining a plan of action each reader can follow to help turn our country around!

I also appreciate the fact that he included a copy of our Constitution – the Constitution of the United States – in the back of the book!

Every reader has the opportunity and privilege therefore of reading that great document, inspired by scriptures for themselves!  I highly recommend reading Senator Demint’s Saving Freedom and passing it on for others to read as well.

In closing, this is a very interesting book.  Not the easiest one I’ve ever read, but very interesting.  I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what makes our freedom here in the United States tick.  What the dangers are that we have brought on ourselves as a nation, and what we can do to turn it around.  Even an avid reader like myself might not be able to finish this in one setting.  Having a nice quiet place without distractions to read this is ideal.  All-in-all, I’d still seriously recommend it to anyone who loves our country and wants to see it survive as long as possible!

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After publishing this particular post, I got to thinking about some information that needed to be added.

Senator Demint near the end of his book had a chapter called Citizenship 101.  In that chapter he outlined steps that we need to take if we are going to help our country get back on track.  He lists two steps.

Step One – Get informed.  He lists tv programs, radio programs, blogs, think tanks/grassroots organizations, magazines/newspapers, and business groups that will help in that process.  (see short list at

Step TWO – Get Involved.  Write a blog, write letters to the Editor, write an opinion editorial, communicate with elected officials, support political candidates, be a candidate.

For more information his website is:

He also can be found on facebook, twitter, and myspace.

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