Invisible by Lorena McCourtney

Invisible is an engaging novel about Ivy who is a ‘LOL’… a little old lady… who has a ‘curiosity gene’ which lands her in some ticklish situations as she lets her curiosity lead her to discover what is happening in her town. Ivy the main character is joined by best friend Thea, Kendra the mysterious, young, pleasant, tenant. Magnolia a flamboyant neighbor and a host of other characters with equally colorful names and personalities. Lorena McCourtney’s writing style is so engaging, I found myself not wanting to stop reading. It is a murder mystery, but not one that keeps turning up more and more dead bodies. One of those kind that once you start reading it, you just want to keep on reading. Invisible is written in the first person voice as Ivy shares her thoughts and activities with the reader.

I’d recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys murder mysteries. I liked Lorena’s incorporating Christian principles throughout the book. Invisible also hits on a societal reality that isn’t often spoken of, but many senior citizens find more and more of as they age.

Lorena manages to engage and entertain the reader with Ivy’s antics while inspiring with Christian principles and actions.


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