Delivery by Diana Prusik

Delivery is a novel about Olivia (Livi) Wilson Jarvis’ attempts to understand and cope with life in the face of multiple family and community tragedies.  It is set in rural Missouri, in and around the town of Mount Helicon with the family flower shop where Livi works being a focal point.

Diana bounces the reader back and forth from the ‘current/present’ time to times in the past.  She gives clues as to past or present by telling the reader at the beginning of each chapter what month and year the following events are taking place.  If it weren’t for those hints one might find the jumping around a bit distracting and possibly confusing.

In many ways this is a sad story filled with the anguish and pains of death, soul-searching questions, and unrealized love and grace.

There were inspiring moments and some breakthroughs, but it mainly seemed to mirror the real life hardships faced by someone hurting and afraid to truly search for answers.

I don’t feel like I can give an unbiased opinion as to whether someone should read this or not because near the end the slow loss Olivia and those closest to her went through was too close to my own recent loss, even though the circumstances in each case were different, the pain of the main characters was too real for me and stirred up my own, magnifying it, causing something like a tidal surge of pain in my spirit.

Over all, even though there were inspiring bits to Delivery, it ultimately left me feeling sad rather than uplifted or encouraged or even simply entertained.

From what I’ve read, this was Diana Prusik’s first book and it has won multiple awards, so if you feel adventurous, I’d encourage you to read it for yourself and leave a comment below as to what you thought of it.


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