Love Me if You Must by Nicole Young

This is a story about a single woman, Patricia Amble, who fixes up old houses, but actually much more than that as well.  Over most of the book it gives glimpses into her past, explaining in part why she is and has done certain things in the present.  In addition to buying an old fixer-upper, she finds that she is living in a spooky old house in the midst of a community full of mysteries.

As many mystery writers often do, Nicole weaves into her story various characters that add to the mysteries Patricia finds herself mixed up in and she has to determine who she can trust amongst them.  Nicole throws in a little love, a little hate, doubts, hysteria, and some plot twists to keep it interesting.   Along the way, Nicole also plants a number of Christian seeds in Patricia’s life and if the ground is good soil, the reader’s heart/mind as well.

This story was filled with suspense, but wasn’t overly frightening, although I did find a time or two that  if I’d been watching it on tv I would have covered my eyes so as to not ‘see’ what was going to happen next.  Of course since I was reading it, and not watching it except in my mind’s eye, that wasn’t possible.

This is a murder mystery, even though I’ve read a number of murder mysteries recently, and liked the books other than the dead bodies, I’d rather have a mystery that didn’t have any.  Over all, murders aside, I’d recommend it though.


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