Stuck In the Middle by Virginia Smith

This is a love story on multiple levels.  Twenty-five year old Joan is feeling stuck in her comfortable, but boring life as the manager of the local furniture store, but before she knows it her whole world is about to change.

Virginia Smith has written a light, entertaining book that touches on areas that I suspect many Christians think about at some point in their Christian walk, especially those who live in the United States.  Why isn’t my walk with God as ‘real’ as his or her walk seems to be?  Virginia’s answer for Joan when she questions her walk is worth looking at if you have ever faced that question yourself.

The characters and story line in this novel are a little unbelievable at times, but that doesn’t keep this from being an enjoyable book to read. It isn’t heavy on planting Christian seeds, nor inspiration, but it does point out that there is more to the Christian walk than going to church on Sundays or being confirmed in the church or being baptized.

I enjoyed reading this book and at some point might read the other two books in the series as well, but as for recommending it to someone else, maybe.  I’m not sure.


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