Surviving Your Serengeti …by Stefan Swanepoel

This is an interesting book that is very quick to read, it took me approximately four hours to read the whole book.  The author, Stefan Swanepoel, is originally from Africa and now lives in California.  He has been very successful in real estate and after reading Surviving Your Serengeti, I suspect his success has been in part due to the insights he picked up from seven animals in the Serengeti.

The seven strategies Mr. Swanepoel outlines as being necessary to be successful in business and life are endurance/tenacity as seen in the wildebeest, strategic thinking/planning the example being lions, enterprise/ready to take advantage of and see opportunities as they come along such as the crocodile does, efficient user of resources like the cheetah, gracious/moral/orderly as seen when watching a giraffe, willing to acknowledge and minimize risk at the same time as being willing to take risks as the mongoose does, and an effective communicator like the elephant.

Obviously Mr. Swanepoel goes into much more detail for each of these.  He gives a person characteristics to look for in their own personality to determine which of these skills is your inherent style, how to develop the skills further and some things to watch out for too.  All in a ‘fable’ of a businessman and his wife going on a three-day safari in the Serengeti.

I think some people would get a lot out of the book and it would be worthwhile for anyone who wants to grow as an entrepreneur, as an employee, a student, or in interpersonal relationships.

If you decide to read Surviving Your Serengeti, I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments below.

Surviving Your Serengeti Book Cover Image

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