Nicole Young’s Book #2 in the Patricia Amble Mysteries Series

Nicole Young titled this the 2nd book in her Patricia Amble Mysteries three book series, ‘Kill Me If You Can‘.

Patricia (Tish to her friends) starts her next project in Upper Michigan.  Her plans are to renovate the cabin she lived in with her mother as a child.  As a secondary project she intends to find out as much about her mother as she can.  As it turns out she finds out more than she bargained for and picks up some powerful enemies to boot.

Once again, dead bodies cross her path more than once as she delves into the secrets some would rather she didn’t learn about her mom, dad, extended family, and friends.

The characters in this book grow on you, maybe even more so than the characters from Love Me If You Must (except for Brad).

Nicole Young throws in a few twists in the plot along the way that keeps the story interesting, and works with different characters in each book of the series, but she also brings characters back from the earlier books which provides continuity to the story as it progresses.

If you have read ‘Love Me If You Must’, I’d strongly recommend reading ‘Kill Me If You Can’ as well as the third book in the series, ‘Kiss Me If You Dare‘.


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