In Plain Sight by Lorena McCourtney

LOL (little old lady) Ivy Malone is as engaging in this second book as she was in the first.  Lorena McCourtney writes a good story and the twists in her plots will have you guessing throughout the book.

Lorena’s Ivy is such a wonderful character, I find myself wishing I could meet her in real life.

Book two finds Ivy staying with her grand-niece, 14-year-old Sandy until school is out.  DeeAnn, Ivy’s niece, and nephew-in-law Mike have moved to Hawaii but ask Ivy to house sit for them and chaperone Sandy their daughter.

Ivy loves the idea especially as it gets her away from the murderous thugs who had threatened to kill her or at least she hopes it will.

While at DeeAnn and Mike’s place in Arkansas, Ivy once again finds her ‘mutant curiosity gene’ stirred up by a mysterious neighbor.

The story is set in the Ozarks, outside Woodston Arkansas, next to Little Tom Lake.

Some of the crew from the first book come to visit Ivy: Mac the wandering Rv’er, Jordan the lawyer friend from church, and Magnolia the flamboyant neighbor from home who travels the country looking for distant kin from her family tree.

As with the first book, In Plain Sight, is fun and easy to read.  I’m not one big on dead bodies scattered throughout a book, but aside from that would recommend it highly.


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