On The Run by Lorena McCourtney

Ivy is running from the murderous thugs from home.  She needs a place to hide that lets her escape their notice and in an RV that isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do since the hometown thugs know what the RV looks like and Ivy thinks they might even have her license plate number.  Plus, driving a gas guzzling RV and parking in RV parks is seriously eating into her fixed income so she needs somewhere cheep to stay as well as inconspicuous.  Thus the stage is set for her next adventure as she stumbles upon yet another murder mystery.

This time she befriends a young lady who has a few mysteries of her own, as well as murderous thugs to elude.  Between the two of them they manage to get into some interesting predicaments, have some fun adventures, unravel and solve the latest mystery, and develop a deep, mutually beneficial friendship that transcends hardship and danger.

This could be called a colorful story.  Between the eccentric couple who hoard everything from gas and diesel to a mountain of toilet paper, emus that create suspense and drama, paintball fights, and even more colorful people, On The Run is imaginative and inspirational as well as entertaining.

When Ivy and Abilene first discover the murder victims they contact 911 and are told that the police are busy with a couple of other deaths.  Thus when Sargent Dole shows up he seems to be a bit preoccupied and unwilling to take Ivy and Abilene seriously, but Deputy Hamilton seems to have his doubts as to what happened at the secluded former hunting lodge just as Ivy and Abilene do.

Overall aside from the dead bodies, which I always bring up when saying if I’d recommend the book or not, if you get the opportunity to read On The Run by Lorena McCourtney, I’d recommend doing so.  It is as delightful and the first two books in the Ivy Malone series were.


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