Stranded by Lorena McCourtney

What is so special about Hello Colorado?  It is the setting for Lorena McCourtney’s fourth book in the Ivy Malone Mystery series.  Ivy Malone, the LOL (little old lady) with the ‘mutant curiosity gene’ and her young friend Abilene find themselves stranded in Hello Colorado after Ivy’s RV dies in the middle of a Colorado mountain road, about ten miles out of Hello.

Right off the bat, Ivy learns that a wealthy citizen in the town had been murdered not long before she and Abilene came along and after meeting the town’s top suspect Ivy finds her curiosity stirred.

With  Ivy, Abilene, and Koop coming to town, Hello Colorado will never be the same.

Lorena McCourtney’s novels are easy to read and delightful.  The characters in this series are engaging and the stories have each incorporated Ivy’s faith in practical ways.  The only thing I don’t like as I’ve written before, is the trail of dead bodies, because it seems that we are desensitizing ourselves to such things in our society by throwing them in right and left into so much of what we read, watch, and listen to.  Thankfully Lorena keeps the deaths to a minimum in this last book of the series as she did the second book of the series.

Lorena McCourtney has become one of my favorite fiction writers and apart from the dead bodies, I would recommend her books to anyone looking for light, entertaining reading.


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