Front Porch Tales by Philip Gulley

Front Porch Tales – Stories of family, faith, laughter, and love by Philip Gulley is a small book with a lot of stories in it.  All the stories fit into a larger theme, but none of them follow in the footsteps of the previous or lead for the ones following.  Each one is a short story unto itself.

The book has its inspiring moments, and the author, Philip Gulley has a sense of humor which shows up in statements shared such as, his friend asking if he had been snorting Rogaine because of all the nose hair he had grown and the time that his toddler put on his raincoat before helping Philip with the plumbing because the first time he helped his dad, Philip had forgotten to turn the water off first and the resulting geyser had evidently thoroughly impressed his son.

I enjoyed some of the stories, was inspired by some, and was taken aback by others.

Over all though it isn’t a book I’d check out from the library a second time or want to run out and buy.  If you see it and have the opportunity to read it, the book is entertaining and gives the reader things to think about, but it is kind of like picking at random dozens of short stories and sticking them all in one book.  Or like someone came to visit and rambled about friends and family for hours.


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