Rookie by Jerry B. Jenkins

Rookie is 373 pages about Elgin Woodell, his family, friends, and most of all his passion and talent which is baseball.  Mr. Jenkins has written an interesting novel about a boy with great talent for and love of baseball.  Elgin is a young boy who is both tall and (it seems to me) mature for his age, who has amazing talent and the drive to develop that talent.

In the story Elgin shows not only great devotion to baseball, but to his mom and dad as well.  His dedication, determination, work ethic, and focus would be rare in many if not most adults and he is between nine and fourteen years old in the story.

For a book about baseball, it really seems to focus more on Elgin’s relationships and the driving forces behind his becoming who and what he is at the end of the novel.

I liked how Mr. Jenkins shows that exceptional talent doesn’t just happen.  How one can be gifted in something, but it is by hard work (and lots of it) that a person’s gift is developed into something exceptional.

I didn’t like the dangers Mr. Jenkins shows Elgin taking to develop his talent, but did find Elgin’s solutions very interesting.

It is an inspirational book in a low-key sort of way.  I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.


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