“180” A 33 minute mind and destiny changer

This is a documentary that starts out with Ray Comfort asking people on the street if they know who Hitler was.  We all know who Hitler was, right?  Everyone does, right?  WRONG!  Ray asked something like a dozen people, maybe more, and only two or three knew of Hitler.

So what is mind or destiny changing about Hitler today?  He is just a dead guy who caused mind-blowing death and destruction, right?  True, but God can use even dead guys to change minds and destinies and that is what HE did through His willing servant, Ray.  Ray talked with numerous people in this documentary about Hitler and what he did.  Asks them probing, thought-provoking questions about their reactions to what Hitler did and what they would do in circumstances controlled by someone like Hitler.

Then he talks to them about a modern issue, ‘pro-choice‘, abortion, ‘a woman’s right to choose’.  A number of the people he talked with expressed strong ‘pro-life’ sentiments while discussing Hitler, but then ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-abortion’ beliefs when the abortion issue comes up.  Ray walks them through the two issues and helps them see that their thoughts about abortion are fundamentally at odds with their otherwise pro-life beliefs.

Then in one last step, Ray takes on the issue of their eternal destiny and gets even the most zealous objector to come to a point of thinking about his eternal destiny and what he needs to do to not end up in hell.

Please take 33 minutes and watch this video.  Then ask your friends and family to each take 33 minutes to watch it.



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