Shadows On The Sand by Gayle Roper

I thoroughly enjoyed Shadows On The Sand – A Seaside Mystery.  I like the way Gayle Roper developed the characters and the storyline together.  The characters seemed believable enough.  The only thing is, she gives the impression that they go to church but she doesn’t show any of them in church in the story.  She talks about their pastor some, and how this or that person influenced them in church and life, but she doesn’t show them in church.

Ms. Roper goes into detail about Carrie’s need to forgive her mother, but doesn’t give any details about whether the mother, or most of the other characters are even Christians or not.

Carrie & Lindsey Carter are sisters and both work in ‘Carrie’s Cafe’.  Greg Barnes is an ex-cop who works as a property manager just down the street.  He and Carrie go to the same church and he makes a habit of showing up each morning for breakfast at the café before heading off to work.  Andi is a sixteen year old working for Carrie as a waitress and she brings some interesting family and friends to the story.  Andi’s great-uncle Clooney who is laid back and easy-going for the most part, Harl who is a scam artist, Bill who is a hot-head ex-football high school star, and many others.

The story is full of twists and surprises, Christian principles, various villains, a budding relationship or two, tweeters, and human challenges.  I enjoyed the book and would suggest it as pleasant, light reading.


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