The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

The Chasm – A Journey to the Edge of Life is another one of those books that I feel every Christian should read.  It is a fictional book, but it shows life so well.  It is only 120 pages (small pages) and some of those are drawings.

Mr. Alcorn uses Nick Seagrave’s journey on the ‘red road’ and ‘gray roads’ to tell a universal story, a story that speaks of the spiritual condition of every person who ever lived.  Whether it is today, six thousand years ago, or a thousand years from now.

Mr. Alcorn shows us the life and death battles going on around each of us on a spiritual level, shows how we each have contributed to Jesus death on the cross, gives a stark look at how completely our sin separates us from our deepest desires, and how the only answer to our plight is through Jesus.  He also shows the battle lines of good and evil along with the unimaginable love that endured unspeakable evil to make a way for those of us who had no way to that love (all of us).  He shows the sad reality that some will turn their backs on the way provided and walk away from that love because they either have to face the price they cost Jesus to give it, or because they can’t control it.

All of this is shown in a non preachy story format.  It is a short story, in a small book, but the inspiration given and truths revealed are enormous!

I’d not only recommend this book to family, friends, and/or anyone, but I pray that as many as possible read it.  Mr. Acorn is a gifted writer and his books are worth the time and energy to read.


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