What If…

OK, let me first say I know we should not get caught up in the ‘what ifs’ of life, but I think there are times that in the process of making decisions we should consider what the possibilities might be down the road some.

Have you ever watched ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’?  People love to watch that movie especially around the holidays.  It gives people such a warm fuzzy feeling about life.  Evil fails and good shines out as worth while.  If you are not familiar with the film, the title character, George Bailey, has always been generous and done everything he can to help others, but finds himself in an apparent no-win situation not of his own making and he starts thinking suicide might be the answer.  Then an angel comes to show him what life would have been like if he had never been born. (Ever wish you could see what life would have been like if you hadn’t been born?  I have. )  The movie makes a strong case for not giving up because we don’t know how we have influenced the lives of others in a positive way.  Which is a good message, but I’d like to spin our thoughts in another direction for a moment or two.

What if we could see the influence each of our children will have in their lifetime.  If we could see the people they will touch, help, protect, encourage, exhort, edify?  What if we could see what the world would be like in the future without their life interwoven into the whole?  Since God doesn’t show us all the future in high-definition, we simply don’t know if our child will be another ‘George Bailey’ saving his or her own ‘Bedford Falls’ or not, right?

Here is the kicker, God gives children as a gift and we don’t have any way of knowing what that gift will do in society until it happens, but if we decide that it isn’t important enough to find out, we will never know.  Just maybe our ‘Bedford Falls’ is the wretched place that it is because someone didn’t think their ‘George (or Georgette) Bailey’ was worth giving birth to?

Whether or not your child has been born yet, maybe he or she will change their ‘Bedford Falls’ into a place worth living in one of these days!

Please keep in mind if you are pregnant and thinking about whether or not to abort your baby, he or she is a baby no matter what people tell you.  Look at the evidence, it is all over the internet and as close as your own doctor’s office or crisis pregnancy clinic when you get an ultrasound.  So if you are pregnant, will you do us all a favor and remember we can’t know how the child within your womb might touch society?  Please don’t risk aborting the next ‘once in a generation voice’ or ‘George Bailey’ or maybe the one who will save you from unforeseen despair.  Give them the opportunity to become the gift to the world that God intended.  Our future as a society might one day depend on him or her, where will we be if he or she isn’t given the opportunity to be there for us?


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