Healing Is A Choice by Stephen Arterburn

Mr. Arterburn has done a very detailed work in his revised and updated edition of ‘Healing Is A Choice’.  He has included a full workbook as well.  The book is 457 pages of counseling to help the reader heal from basically emotional and spiritual wounds.  At the end of each of the main chapters (1-10) he has included a workbook section that has a short review of the chapter and questions to help the reader apply the healing truths and recognize/avoid the destructive lies.  He doesn’t do that for chapter 11 as it is basically a wrap-up to the book.

There are ten healing truths and ten big lies that he covers in the book.  Each chapter has one healing truth and one big lie that he covers in depth.

Chapter 1 is about connection and counters the thought that we don’t need anyone besides God involved in our healing process.
Chapter 2 encourages the reader to ‘feel’ life and makes a case against the idea that real Christians will feel real peace in all circumstances.
Chapter 3 is about investigating our lives in search of truth and suggests that the idea that it does no good to look back or inside isn’t right.
Chapter 4 is how to heal one’s future and counters the idea that time heals all wounds.
Chapter 5 is about choosing to get the appropriate help rather than thinking a fallen mind can figure everything out without help from anyone else.
Chapter 6 encourages the reader to embrace their life mistakes and all and not to think that if a problem is ignored that it will go away.
Chapter 7 is on forgiveness and shows the reader that forgiveness is for the person wronged rather than the person who did the wrong.
Chapter 8 shows that we can’t live risk free and counters the idea of trying to protect self from any more pain.
Chapter 9 is about choosing to serve and shows that the idea that we have to wait until we are healed to serve God is wrong.
Chapter 10 encourages the reader to persevere and counters the idea that there is no hope for me.
Between Chapter 10 and 11 he does a review and action plan that covers all ten previous chapters.
In Chapter 11 he gives the reader some final thoughts on healing.

There is much in this book that I appreciate and agree with, and it is a very encouraging book.  I especially like his strong admonishment at the beginning in the preface to avoid divorce any way that you can.  He has included scripture throughout the book in such a way that I believe that he isn’t leaning on his own understanding but rather looking to God for wisdom.

I would recommend reading this book and have already done so other than in this review.  It is long and detailed so don’t expect to pick it up and read it in two or three hours.  You might find that it takes more like two or three weeks or even months, but the time is worth it.

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