The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

The basic idea is that Gabriel the Archangel takes Mr. Ponders who is a successful business man to a meeting where he is part of a group of people who determines the survival or destruction of humanity.  The group is a gathering of both well-known and not so well-known successful people from the history of mankind since Noah’s flood.  The task put before them is to answer one question correctly.  They have five opportunities to get it right.

Interesting book.  Easy and fast to read. Even so, I have mixed thoughts about it.  On the one hand I enjoyed the information Mr. Andrews shares about Eric Erickson’s story which isn’t told in any of the history books or programs I have read or watched about world war II.  I found his story very interesting and I agree that more people should know about his heroic efforts.  The author also showed how one or more events can change history decades further on in time.  Such as the battle of Gettysburg.  He brought out the thought of historians that if the South had won the battle, then the United States wouldn’t have been more than a group of individual countries later on and when world war II happened the United States wouldn’t have been around to help stop Hitler’s takeover of the world.

On the other hand I didn’t care for the idea that people who probably never gave their lives to Jesus and accepted His free gift of mercy, forgiveness, and pardon would be in Heaven.

As for the idea of time travel, we know from Revelations that God has at least on one occasion allowed a person to actually visit the future, but even then John didn’t interact with the humans of the future.  He was only allowed to see what was taking place in the future.  The idea of God allowing a human of any time period to go back in time and visit one-on-one with another person of the earlier era is mixing Star Trek type philosophy in with the storyline in my opinion.

I liked the fact that Mr. Andrews used some of the historical character’s own quotes as part of the storyline.

As for the conclusion, I can’t decide if I agree with it or not.  Something in my spirit whispers that it sounds good to man’s human nature, but as Christians we aren’t called to be in step with the world, but rather with God and His word.  Due to not being able to resolve the conflict in my spirit, I might ask others to read it to get their input on the conclusion, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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