All Through The Night by Davis Bunn

What does a Christian retirement community, a woman preacher, an ex cop, a wealthy philanthropist, and streetwise youth have in common?  Wayne Grusza, a former special ops soldier turned good Samaritan accountant.  The Christian retirement community hires Wayne as an accountant but he soon finds himself with a number of mysteries on his hands.

Plus,Wayne finds himself not only solving numerous mysteries but fighting his own personal ghosts from pasts wounds, and connecting with a lot of hurting people. As if all that isn’t enough to handle, Wayne tries to right some big wrongs before any of them gets any bigger.

I enjoyed the story and found myself drawn in more with each passing page.  There are many important characters in the story, but Wayne is the main one.  Jerry the ex cop, Foster the retired business owner, Easton the philanthropist, Tatyana the lawyer, Julio the street kid, and Victoria are all very important too.

Mr. Bunn weaves together a suspenseful tale filled with camaraderie, spiritual insight and growth, action, stress, fear, and romance.  Violence and murder are not things I like to find in a story but there wasn’t much of either in this one.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.

All Through The Night book cover image


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