Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise by Joyce Magnin

Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise is a novel of Brights Pond.  It starts out telling how she came to be a widow in 1974, acquired a faithful dog whom she named Lucky, and moved from a nice home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a trailer in a Brights Pond, Pennsylvania trailer park.  The main characters are Charlotte, Rose the artist, Ginger, Asa the handyman, Suzy the park manager’s wife, Fergus the park manager, and Hazel who is an eighty-two year old eccentric neighbor.

The story was interesting and as it developed unexpected, deep dark secrets come out one by one.  Each character is brought to life gradually, even as the overall community does, and the point of the story does too.

It is a fun story even though it has a very serious subject matter that ever so slowly comes out.  My main objection to it is Ms. Magnin wrote of Charlotte baking pies and the characters eating pie so often that before I was half way through the story I was craving apple pie!  I strongly suggest you not read this while dieting, even if you don’t like pies.  Other than the pie issue, I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it as a book that shows how we can be faced with mountains but overcome those mountains by faith.

Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise Book Cover Image


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