The Darlington Society, Last Day to Apply

If you are a Mike Dellosso fan or have the desire to assist a published Christian writer in his writing ministry, here is an invitation to do so. He is picking thirty people from those who comment on his post, but today is the last day to do so.


John Donne wrote, “No man is an island, entire of itself.”

That’s true even of writers. I need help and support, wisdom, suggestions. I need prayer and encouragement and, occasionally, rebuking. I fully realize that if I’m going to succeed at this writing thing I’m not going to do it alone. The road is too rough and sometimes the walking too lonely.

That’s why I started The Darlington Society. The Society is a group of volunteers who agree to support me in my writing in a variety of ways. Those ways include promoting via social networks, book reviews, word-of-mouth marketing, but also encouragement and prayer and yes, even correction. I need that too.

In return, the members of the Society receive an advanced reader’s copy of my next novel (A Thousand Sleepless Nights under my pen name Michael King), special deals on my books, first dibs on upcoming…

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