“It simply isn’t possible to talk about religion or politics.”

We hear it all the time.  There are two subjects that we should NEVER bring up nor discuss if someone else brings them up.  Religion and politics.

I’ll grant you that if you are LOOKING for a heated argument, bringing one or both subjects up is a fantastic way to get what you are looking for many times.  But what if you are NOT looking for a heated argument?  What if you are not looking for an argument at all?  What if you are shy or a pacifist or just hate confrontations?  Is it possible to bring up Jesus?  Should one even try to bring Him up?

Here is my two cents worth from what I’ve read in God’s word, in short we should try to bring Jesus up in a loving way.  Will it cause negative words and actions?  Maybe.  Jesus told us that we would encounter such things. The thing is, if we don’t tell people about Jesus as Christians, who will?  If they hear anything at all about Him from non-Christians it will be distorted information.  They can’t help it.  They don’t understand who He is and thus can not be expected to give a clear picture of Him.  It would be like me trying to explain quantum physics to someone.  At best it would be sadly lacking and at worse totally distorted and unreal.

OK, so if we are the only ones who can give a fair picture of Jesus to someone who doesn’t know Him, doesn’t that put the conversational ball in our court?  That depends on whether or not you believe Jesus when He tells us that He is the only way to Heaven.  If you do, it seems clear that it is up to us to share the Good News even if others hate us for it.

I’m not suggesting we get in anyone’s face and pick a verbal fight.  That isn’t love.  Love that comes down from God is peaceable, but it doesn’t back away from the truth either.  Even if the truth causes unpleasant circumstances for the one sharing it.  It is still up to us.  God’s plan is for us Christians to share His redemptive plan of salvation.  He doesn’t have a plan ‘B’.

If our aim in life is to honor Jesus then we need to be about doing those things He told us to do.  If our aim is to please others or ourselves then obviously the statement “It isn’t possible to talk about religion or politics” is true and therefore need to avoid both at all costs.  Of course if we follow that path we might find ourselves somewhere we didn’t want to be eventually.

What do you think?  Are religion and politics taboo subjects for conversation or do you feel that love compels us to face the hate and share Jesus anyway?


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