Courageous by Randy Alcorn

‘Courageous’ is a collaborative work between Randy Alcorn and the creators of ‘Fireproof’. Randy took the screenplay written by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick and adapted it to make it into a novel. I have not seen the movie ‘Courageous’, but having read the book it is one that I hope to one day get to see.

This is a story that focuses on the lives of four police officers, their families, and an immigrant and his family. It touches on topics like gangs, drugs, divorce, and suicide. It also highlights gang and police cultures. Points out some of the perceived strengths of each and sheds light upon the weaknesses too. I feel that the characters are believable and well-developed. The story moves along and has some surprises along the way.

The heart of the story is the changes that happen when first one and then another, and others choose to step up and purposely live their lives as the men God has called them to be in their families.

Guys, want to be a Godly father? Reading this book will not give you all the answers, only one book can do that, but the ideas expressed are rooted in the Bible. Furthermore, it is an entertaining way to absorb some sound Biblical principles.

For the rest of us, it is an enjoyable way to take in some Biblical truths that are too easily ignored in our current society.

Courageous Cover Image


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