Redemption by Bryan Clay

Redemption by Bryan Clay almost reads like a storybook tale, but it is non-fiction. As a young child Bryan remembers his family being happy and secure. Then things change. They move to Hawaii, near his mom’s family and before long his mom and dad are divorced. His happy family torn apart by fighting.

Bryan becomes an extremely angry child who fought with almost anyone, and found himself kicked out of school more than once. He also attended multiple schools as a child mainly due to his fighting.

Along the way he is introduced to track and field. Ever so slowly his life starts to change. The real change begins when he decides to go to a Christian college in California. He meets his future wife but finds out the hard way that without a real commitment to God, his life isn’t going to be satisfying.

‘Redemption’ gives the reader a good look at Bryan’s life before and after he gets serious with Jesus.  It also gives an in-depth picture of what life is like as a competitor in the decathlon. Not only on the Olympic level but on all levels of competition.

Bryan shares how his life was transformed and one of the areas of transformation was going from totally resistant to routines to a life basically dependent on routines all day long, every day of his life.

His story is both interesting and inspirational. I recommend ‘Redemption’ as a great book to read.

Redemption Book Cover Image


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