Wrong Button….

Ever intended to click on one button and clicked another one instead? Sometimes it is no big deal and other times it is a bit more embarrassing or worse.

As you might have guessed, that is what happened to me a few minutes ago when I went to click ‘Save Draft’ and instead clicked ‘Publish’.  The post was simply the link to an article and I hadn’t put any text with it yet.

Guess it could happen to anyone, but even as I tried to stop the process in mid action, it was too late. I was whispering ‘No, no, no!’ but as you know my ‘nos’ had no effect on the outcome.

So even though I’m embarrassed by the mistake, the article is worth reading but it wasn’t by me and I really wasn’t trying to claim that it was.  My apologies to you for any confusion I might have caused and to the author of the article for hitting the wrong button.


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