Should Bank Robbery, Rape, and Kidnapping Be Legal?

Should bank robbery, rape, or kidnapping be legal? People trying to do any of the above could get seriously hurt, maimed, or even killed trying to do any of these illegal activities. Many of the people who rob banks are desperate. Rapists have serious personality disorders, and kidnapping is often done by family members desperate to get around the legal system. Is it inhumane to deny free access to doing any of the above and to continue to make each of these activities illegal?

If you believed that desperate people were going to get hurt and maybe die attempting bank robberies, would that justify legalizing bank robberies if those who want to rob a bank would be required to do their robbing through a state licensed and run robbery service?

What about legalizing rape? Would be rapists could be hurt or die in their attempt at raping their intended targets on their own. Should state licensed rape centers be set up so that rapists won’t be harmed in their pursuit of raping someone?

How about state licensed kidnapping centers? Should we set up places where would be kidnappers could go to have licensed kidnapping specialists help them in abducting a child? They could certainly be hurt or die trying to abduct a child on their own.

None of these ideas are the slightest bit reasonable or acceptable, but over and over we hear the argument thrown out that it is inhuman and hard-hearted to deny pregnant women the ‘choice’ of murdering the babies within their wombs. They are desperate and will try to self abort the babies and will harm or kill themselves. Therefore it is imperative that we make sure the practice remains legal and available to one and all at all times!

We don’t use that excuse for rape, robbing banks, or kidnapping, so why is it a ‘legitimate reason’ for murder? We don’t use it for murder? Of course we do. Abortion is murder.

According to
Murder: to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously.

So you see, by definition, according to the dictionary, abortion is unquestioningly murder. The baby in a ‘successful’ abortion is always killed/slaughtered and no matter what method used there is nothing humane about it. It is most definitely barbarous to burn a baby to death with saline solution and it is both barbarous and slaughter to tear a baby apart. Partial birth abortion isn’t any better. There is nothing humane about stabbing a sharp instrument into the baby’s skull, slicing the brains up, and vacuuming them out. No matter how you do it the baby is thoroughly victimized in a most brutal way. So why do we vehemently protect this inhumane, barbarous, brutality by law?


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