To Post or Not To Post

Compromise, some hail it as needful in a mature adult and others view it as selling out one’s beliefs. I’m all for compromising on the little things, the old adage “Pick your battles wisely.” I believe applies as a mature adult especially as a mature Christian.

As you will probably agree, there are some things we need to be flexible on and some things that we need to stand firm on. Personal matters of preference are obviously things that one needs to be flexible on and Biblical pillars of the faith are obviously things we need to stand firm on.

The compromise question arises in my mind when it involves something I feel needs a firm stance, but the means of doing so might be open to personal interpretation.

If you have followed my blog for any time, you realize that I firmly believe that God hates abortion. That according to His word killing innocent babies is murder. So, that is a ‘stand firm issue’. No compromise on the abortion issue. It is wrong and I’m fairly vocal on it being wrong. I have also been fairly liberal in sharing graphic photographic portrayals of the results of abortion and comparisons between abortion and other actions that are or were equally wrong on my personal facebook page. Thus enters the dilemma. Is my liberal sharing of graphic images simply shedding light upon a barbarously, horrific practice, or is it over the top and in bad taste especially considering small children might be exposed to such images?

Abortion is a practice that must be brought into the light. As a Christian we are called to be salt and light. Salt is supposed to prevent or at least slow down spoilage and decay. Light exposes and eliminates darkness. Light and darkness do not coexist. Where there is light, darkness is not and where there is darkness, light is not.

Whereas the darkness of pornography (showing the nude bodies and such that people look at and watch so that people who don’t take part in the sexual sins associated with pornography become involuntarily involved), for instance doesn’t need to be shown because we know what the human body looks like and we know that God has told us not to look at the nude bodies of anyone but our spouse, abortion on the other hand masquerades as light. Even Christians often fall into the trap of thinking of abortion as ‘A woman’s right to choose’, ‘woman’s healthcare’, etc..

The question then comes down to this, how far is too far when exposing evil? Is it stepping down from one’s stand against evil to leave the mask on abortion so that children will not be exposed to the horrors of its evil? Or is it peaceable, godly virtue to limit the graphic images to sites that only older teens and adults would see?

I would love to have your feedback on this. For now I’ve decided to limit my sharing of such images to Twitter as links with probably a warning that the image is graphic. Do you feel compelled to cry out for those who can’t cry out for themselves? If so, how, to what extent, and where do you do so? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Proverbs 31:8 “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”


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5 thoughts on “To Post or Not To Post”

  1. Why is sensitivity important when posting on facebook photos that are so extreme that friends could become disturbed and their children devastated and have haunting nightmares? How do we support our facebook friends in their beliefs and at the same time protect our children?

    The claim could be made that parents let their children see everything on TV anyway. I know of several families who do not have TV or even have their children in public school, just so they can protect their children from evils when they are too young. Some make the mistake of grouping Godly Christian parents in with those who do not care. One could say, do not let your children see your facebook page until you decide they are mature enough to deal with anything they might see. But should your children not have the delight of seeing and sharing with grandma, or aunts, or cousins the family photos and cute messages that keep relationships alive? Another option is discontinuing your facebook friendship with a person who posts things not age appropriate for your children. But let us be honest, would that friend accept and support your decision without taking it personally and the friendship be harmed?

    I totally disagree with the statement that the darkness of pornography doesn’t need to be shown or revealed because it is recognized as darkness. Primarily it is only recognized as darkness by Christians, just as abortion is recognized as darkness by Christians. There are millions of people (even countries) who approve of pornography and declare it healthy, just as they approve of abortion. For two years a town in the Columbia Gorge had picketers from a number of churches in front of a store protesting the pornography inside. Obviously, those churches felt a great need for the darkness of pornography to be revealed. You ask your reader to tell if and how they support the fight against darkness. Prayer, financial support of organizations fighting darkness, picketing, sharing education information (including on facebook), participating in petitions for legislature, and voting can be powerful tools and I have used most, if not all, of them.

    You ask: “The question then comes down to this, how far is too far when exposing evil? Is it stepping down from one’s stand against evil to leave the mask on abortion so that children will not be exposed to the horrors of its evil? Or is it peaceable, godly virtue to limit the graphic images to sites that only older teens and adults would see?“

    My answer: It is every adult’s responsibility to protect our children, especially the children of those we call family and friends. Isn’t that what protesting abortion is all about – protecting our children? So, I think you answered your own question. It is not stepping down from one’s stand against evil to use peaceable Godly virtue in your attack against evil. Your solution to limit your sharing of such images as links, where a person can go to when their child is not looking over their shoulder, with a warning that the image is graphic, is excellent!

    1. One clarification. When I said pornography doesn’t need to be shown, I was referring to the actual pornographic images, not to the fact that it is darkness. Most people know what pornography is, whether they agree that it is wrong or not. With abortion, so many have been told that the child within is just a blob of tissue or some lower life form on its way to being a human being within the womb. You raise great points and questions. I hope we can all look at and think about these issues from a variety of angles through comments like this. Thank you Connie. :0)

  2. I would like to add to this statement…I think a different approach to the fight would work better… I feel that if someone that has had an abortion sees these graphic pics on my site, it would be the same as if I had slapped them on the face. I feel this would be wrong as a Christian…We want to love, ambrace, understand, and guide them lovingly back to Christ.

    What about the approach of loving pictures of children/Infants? What about PIcs that show the love for children and the sadness if they are not there?

    I also think you should reavaluate your stance on Porn…I once heard a guy say, “the girls are not doing anything wrong, it all has to do with how we look at the pictures.” So, they can dance, strip, pose in pictures and videos. This is ok…As long as the men don’t look at them in lust, the girls are not at fault. However, I explained to him that the pictures, etc. are sin and the girls too, because of giving the tempation to the men.

    I have also heard that women that do these things (and men too) feel it’s art and that they are being treated with respect for their art. Yet, as Christians, we can look at that comment and just laugh…because we know better…So, what is the solution here? Obviously, not posting such things…that would add to the spread…But Bible verses and quotes about porn seems like the best approach to me.

    1. Thank you Rachel. My stand on porn is not that it is ok. My stand on porn is that we do not need to see the nude pictures to see that porn is wrong. As Christians we already know that it isn’t right without viewing the nude bodies for ourselves.

      1. I was not trying to say that your stand on porn was pro, I was just saying that your approach is not correct. Christians do not all know that porn is bad. The comment made by a man earlier, was a Christian man. Therefore, Christians do not have the full picture of porn and the wrong it is.

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