Will ‘Marriage Equality’ Redefine Marriage?

According to Doug Mainwaring, in his article “I’m gay, and I oppose gay marriage” he states,“Same-sex marriage will not expand rights and freedoms in our nation. It will not redefine marriage. It will undefine it.”

To read the full article and see his surprising commentary on the subject… http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/im-gay-and-i-oppose-gay-marriage

Do you agree? Or disagree?
Regardless of your point of view, please keep your comments civil, no name calling, and ‘G’ rated. There are children who see this blog from time to time. Let’s set an adult example for them on how to agree or disagree civilly. If you use words in your comments that are not ‘G’ rated, I will NOT publish the comment. I will also NOT publish vicious and/or hateful comments. PLUS I’m only providing a link to an article that surprised me by its unique perspective on the subject.


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