A Street Dog’s Story

A Street Dog’s Story is a children’s book about Labi (short for la biche which is French for deer) the dog rescued by U.S. diplomats  Tracy and Eric Whittington Image of Eric and Tracy while they were working in Africa.

It starts off heart breaking but ends on a very positive note. It is a delightful story with fun drawings of Labi and her adventures.

There are books that are cute and fun to read, and there are books that bring awareness about things that shouldn’t be. A Street Dog’s Story combines both functions. It is written to bring awareness of the plight of animals that don’t have the security and love of having a family but it is done in a way that shows with love and care things can be better.

I enjoyed reading A Street Dog’s Story and believe animal lovers all around the world will find a special place for Labi and her mission in their hearts.

It is a short story only thirty-seven pages long, written for children, that adults will enjoy reading too.

A Street Dog's Story book cover image
A Street Dog’s Story

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