What do you see?

How many times have we heard one group of people claim that another group of people all look-alike to them?

When I viewed the following photographs, I got to wondering if at some level it is because humans tend to focus on certain attributes in the other group and subconsciously don’t ‘see’ the other features that makes up the full portrait of who that person is and what they ‘look like’?

I know that I don’t ‘see’ anyone in any group of people without any facial features as the altered photographs appear in the collection below, but do we take in all the identifying parts of each person when looking at a multitude of unfamiliar faces? Are we practicing a subconscious ‘identity shorthand’ when looking at strangers?

Unless you consciously study other people, their countenance, their mannerisms, what they say or don’t say, how they speak, their style, and how they carry themselves, what do you see when you look at a stranger? How is it different from what you see when you look at someone you know? Would you recognize the photo of a loved one or friend with blurred away facial features?

Featureless Studio Shots Of Models Are Quite Creepy | DIYPhotography.net.


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