About Light-at-heart (Sharon)

So what is the title ‘Light-at-heart’ all about? 

As a Christian it is my belief based on God’s word, the Holy Bible,  that Jesus lives in my heart and has since I asked Him in over thirty years ago.

Since He is The Light of the world, and He lives in my heart I chose ‘Light-at-heart’ as my online name.  It is my attempt to acknowledge and honor Jesus as the Light of my life and the Light in my heart.

I’m a homemaker looking for ways to encourage others, help my family, and honor Jesus.

I keep an eye on current events but have no clue who the latest stars of reality tv, the movie, music, entertainment, or sports industries are nor am I inclined to know.

I’m blessed with good friends, family, and a relationship with the most awesome One in existence – Jesus.

My interests are diverse and I write about some of them occasionally in my blog.

The photos in my headers are ones that I’ve taken myself and the background graphics are ones I designed.  I’ve built and maintained websites in the past.  If you are looking for website design, someone to put one together, or graphics for one I might be able to help you with your needs.

If you would like to contact me please fill out this form.  Please note that the content is automatically scanned and spam is eliminated before I see it.  I try to respond as quickly as possible if a response is desired, but the actual response time depends on a number of factors some beyond my control.  Thank you. Sharon



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