Audio Bible online legally listen for free?

We have read through the Bible many times over the years, but now days listening to it might be easier for us to do.

If you have thought about listening to the Bible but didn’t know how to go about getting started on it, the following article by Christian PF can help.

Christian PF includes links to legally listen to the Bible for free.

How to Listen to the Bible for Free and Change Your Life.

Is Anyone Piloting This Plane?

In his devotional, ‘To Know the Heart of the Pilot’, Max Lucado paints a quick picture of three passengers visiting on a plane before takeoff.

The three passengers each express their thoughts as the conversation turns to who the pilot of the plane is.  Which opinion most closely matches yours? Passenger ‘A’, Passenger ‘B’, or Passenger ‘C’?

UpWords – Week of September 7-13, Upwords with Max Lucado – UpWords with Max Lucado.

Our Position and Condition As Believers In Jesus

Henry Morris, Ph.D. wrote a very interesting article about our ‘position and condition’ in Christ as believers.

It is a short article, so it doesn’t go into great depth, but it does a good job covering the topic for its length.

Position and Condition – Institute for Creation Research.

Days With Jesus Part One by Jim Jackson

‘Days With Jesus: Exploring the Mysterious Life of Jesus through the Eyes of His Best Friend’ by Jim Jackson is what Mr. Jackson calls a ‘Docuvotional’.  It is a term he coined to describe his goal for the book.  The ‘Docu’ part stands for documentary.  Which is due to his following the life of Jesus as told by John in the Gospel of John.  He also includes important historical, theological, and philosophical elements in each section.  The other part of ‘Docuvotional’ of course is the ‘votional’ part which represents a devotional aspect of the book.  The book is set up as thirty-one days rather than chapters.  Each day starts with a short devotional at the beginning of that day.  Then Mr. Jackson delves into the text from John for the day tying the text from the Bible and the devotional together.  Each ‘day’ has at least one asterisk in the text and at the end of the book more information is given relating to the asterisk.  Each day also has questions at the end of the day to help the reader think more deeply about the text and how it relates to his/her life.  Plus, not in the book but meant to be viewed daily are videos filmed on location that gives a better understanding of it all too.

This is a fresh twist in Bible study.  I thoroughly enjoyed each of Mr. Jackson’s devotionals at the beginning of each day.  Plus the information he includes with each passage of scripture is both interesting and thought-provoking.  The questions at the end of each day do a good job of bringing it to the reader as well.

I appreciate Mr. Jackson’s commitment to encouraging those who don’t know Jesus yet as personal Lord and Savior, to take that step and ask Jesus into their lives.  It isn’t harsh or abrasive, simply a gentle invitation given several times.

Over all I think this is a great book and would recommend it to one and all.

Days With Jesus Book Cover Image

Author’s Website

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