‘The Harbinger Decoded’ by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

‘The Harbinger Decoded’ gives a brief highlight of each of the Harbingers recorded in ‘The Harbinger’ book. It gives a brief explanation of how ancient Israel and the United States have taken parallel courses in history and how the judgements given to ancient Israel are now being given to the United States as well.

Jonathan Cahn is a messianic rabbi who was given a message for the United States. A warning that Christians need to hear and heed. Obviously, when God goes to the minute detail to get a warning out as He did in this case, it is very important that we get that warning out to as many as possible.

This video is good as a stand alone for those who get their information audibly rather than reading. My one concern is the background music is a bit too loud for anyone with hearing problems. It tends to mask the message a bit. Since the message is so important, I’d love to see the publisher come out with a version that tames the music some so even those with hearing issues could get God’s warning in full too.

My only other thought on the video is that since it is a warning to God’s people, it should be put into the public arena in a way that cost isn’t a limiting factor in getting the message out.

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That’s a Fact…’Measuring Billions’

The Institute for Creation Research has debuted a new series of online video shorts.  Yes, they are calling them, ‘That’s a Fact’, and the aim of each will be to deliver fascinating facts about science, the Bible, and more in an entertaining way–in two minutes or less.

The first episode, “Measuring Billions,” shows just how big the number one billion is, from how many trips around the world one billion frequent flier miles will get you to how long it would take someone to count from one to one billion.

I’ve watched this first one, enjoyed it and am looking forward to viewing and sharing the rest as they come out.

For your convenience I’ve included a link to the video below.  Hope you take a moment or two to watch and share it with others.


“180” A 33 minute mind and destiny changer

This is a documentary that starts out with Ray Comfort asking people on the street if they know who Hitler was.  We all know who Hitler was, right?  Everyone does, right?  WRONG!  Ray asked something like a dozen people, maybe more, and only two or three knew of Hitler.

So what is mind or destiny changing about Hitler today?  He is just a dead guy who caused mind-blowing death and destruction, right?  True, but God can use even dead guys to change minds and destinies and that is what HE did through His willing servant, Ray.  Ray talked with numerous people in this documentary about Hitler and what he did.  Asks them probing, thought-provoking questions about their reactions to what Hitler did and what they would do in circumstances controlled by someone like Hitler.

Then he talks to them about a modern issue, ‘pro-choice‘, abortion, ‘a woman’s right to choose’.  A number of the people he talked with expressed strong ‘pro-life’ sentiments while discussing Hitler, but then ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-abortion’ beliefs when the abortion issue comes up.  Ray walks them through the two issues and helps them see that their thoughts about abortion are fundamentally at odds with their otherwise pro-life beliefs.

Then in one last step, Ray takes on the issue of their eternal destiny and gets even the most zealous objector to come to a point of thinking about his eternal destiny and what he needs to do to not end up in hell.

Please take 33 minutes and watch this video.  Then ask your friends and family to each take 33 minutes to watch it.