A Sound Like Fire by KD Veron

What will the last days look like? Will some people be aware that the time is short? If there is a rapture, will everyone who goes to church be raptured with the church?

There have been many writers and speakers, preachers and teachers who have shared what they believe the Bible has to say on these things. ‘A Sound Like Fire’ by KD Veron is one more voice among the roar of voices expounding upon this subject. A voice I haven’t heard of before, but his handling of the subject is done very well.

Although Mr. KD Veron approaches the subject in a fictional format, he uses verses of scripture on the subject at the beginning of each chapter.

I don’t know if his vision of the last days covers things correctly or not, but he presents a very strong case for being ready and real in your Christian walk. I suspect things will be worse than Mr. Veron portrays them as being in his book, but even if they are not, he shows a disturbing enough picture of those days to encourage fence sitters to get off the fence and be ready.

As I read this story, I got the impression that Mr. Veron did a lot of research into various aspects of the novel that he outlines in great detail.

My favorite parts are in chapters fourteen and the epilogue. It is my hope that many will read this and examine where they stand with Jesus.

A Sound Like Fire book cover image

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