“So what if abortion ends life?” ???

It is a question that Mary Elizabeth Williams asked and wrote an article on back in 2013. Is it a question that resonates with you or do you find the idea abhorrent that human life is so coldly dismissed? Personally, I believe the bible speaks to this issue and calls it murder. I could attempt to address what she wrote and what many in favor of abortion believe by quoting scripture verses like: Exodus 20:13 – Thou shall not murder; and Exodus 23:7 – Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty. But recently I saw a video by pastor Matt Chandler from The Village Church, which I feel addresses the issue very well. The video is at https://youtu.be/absW29h8kGA
Or if you would like to see the full sermon it is available at http://thevillagechurch.net/resources/sermons/detail/the-sanctity-of-human-life/

Also at the same link above is the transcript you can read if you prefer.

One last point. God doesn’t acquit the guilty, but if we put our trust in Jesus, He gives us the free gift of Jesus righteousness. HE wipes away our sins when we ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, because HE laid those sins upon Jesus and our sins were paid in full by Jesus at His death on the cross. Thus our guilt wasn’t acquitted, but paid for by Jesus.

To Post or Not To Post

Compromise, some hail it as needful in a mature adult and others view it as selling out one’s beliefs. I’m all for compromising on the little things, the old adage “Pick your battles wisely.” I believe applies as a mature adult especially as a mature Christian.

As you will probably agree, there are some things we need to be flexible on and some things that we need to stand firm on. Personal matters of preference are obviously things that one needs to be flexible on and Biblical pillars of the faith are obviously things we need to stand firm on.

The compromise question arises in my mind when it involves something I feel needs a firm stance, but the means of doing so might be open to personal interpretation.

If you have followed my blog for any time, you realize that I firmly believe that God hates abortion. That according to His word killing innocent babies is murder. So, that is a ‘stand firm issue’. No compromise on the abortion issue. It is wrong and I’m fairly vocal on it being wrong. I have also been fairly liberal in sharing graphic photographic portrayals of the results of abortion and comparisons between abortion and other actions that are or were equally wrong on my personal facebook page. Thus enters the dilemma. Is my liberal sharing of graphic images simply shedding light upon a barbarously, horrific practice, or is it over the top and in bad taste especially considering small children might be exposed to such images?

Abortion is a practice that must be brought into the light. As a Christian we are called to be salt and light. Salt is supposed to prevent or at least slow down spoilage and decay. Light exposes and eliminates darkness. Light and darkness do not coexist. Where there is light, darkness is not and where there is darkness, light is not.

Whereas the darkness of pornography (showing the nude bodies and such that people look at and watch so that people who don’t take part in the sexual sins associated with pornography become involuntarily involved), for instance doesn’t need to be shown because we know what the human body looks like and we know that God has told us not to look at the nude bodies of anyone but our spouse, abortion on the other hand masquerades as light. Even Christians often fall into the trap of thinking of abortion as ‘A woman’s right to choose’, ‘woman’s healthcare’, etc..

The question then comes down to this, how far is too far when exposing evil? Is it stepping down from one’s stand against evil to leave the mask on abortion so that children will not be exposed to the horrors of its evil? Or is it peaceable, godly virtue to limit the graphic images to sites that only older teens and adults would see?

I would love to have your feedback on this. For now I’ve decided to limit my sharing of such images to Twitter as links with probably a warning that the image is graphic. Do you feel compelled to cry out for those who can’t cry out for themselves? If so, how, to what extent, and where do you do so? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Proverbs 31:8 “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”

Should Bank Robbery, Rape, and Kidnapping Be Legal?

Should bank robbery, rape, or kidnapping be legal? People trying to do any of the above could get seriously hurt, maimed, or even killed trying to do any of these illegal activities. Many of the people who rob banks are desperate. Rapists have serious personality disorders, and kidnapping is often done by family members desperate to get around the legal system. Is it inhumane to deny free access to doing any of the above and to continue to make each of these activities illegal?

If you believed that desperate people were going to get hurt and maybe die attempting bank robberies, would that justify legalizing bank robberies if those who want to rob a bank would be required to do their robbing through a state licensed and run robbery service?

What about legalizing rape? Would be rapists could be hurt or die in their attempt at raping their intended targets on their own. Should state licensed rape centers be set up so that rapists won’t be harmed in their pursuit of raping someone?

How about state licensed kidnapping centers? Should we set up places where would be kidnappers could go to have licensed kidnapping specialists help them in abducting a child? They could certainly be hurt or die trying to abduct a child on their own.

None of these ideas are the slightest bit reasonable or acceptable, but over and over we hear the argument thrown out that it is inhuman and hard-hearted to deny pregnant women the ‘choice’ of murdering the babies within their wombs. They are desperate and will try to self abort the babies and will harm or kill themselves. Therefore it is imperative that we make sure the practice remains legal and available to one and all at all times!

We don’t use that excuse for rape, robbing banks, or kidnapping, so why is it a ‘legitimate reason’ for murder? We don’t use it for murder? Of course we do. Abortion is murder.

According to dictionary.reference.com/browse/murder?s=t
Murder: to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously.

So you see, by definition, according to the dictionary, abortion is unquestioningly murder. The baby in a ‘successful’ abortion is always killed/slaughtered and no matter what method used there is nothing humane about it. It is most definitely barbarous to burn a baby to death with saline solution and it is both barbarous and slaughter to tear a baby apart. Partial birth abortion isn’t any better. There is nothing humane about stabbing a sharp instrument into the baby’s skull, slicing the brains up, and vacuuming them out. No matter how you do it the baby is thoroughly victimized in a most brutal way. So why do we vehemently protect this inhumane, barbarous, brutality by law?

Have You Seen A Movie On Abortion?

Roe vs Wade was decided in 1973, but the topic of abortion didn’t make an impression on me until my mom took some classes in college a year or two later.  She saw for the first time what an aborted baby looks like and learned about what takes place in the abortion procedure.  She was pro-life from that class onward.

Is it any wonder the abortion industry doesn’t want people to see movies like my mom saw and more recently “180” ?  They try so hard to label us ‘anti-choice’, but in reality it has been shown many times that pro-life adherents give expectant mothers more choices than pro-choice groups do.

Have you seen a movie on abortion?  If not, there is a 33 minute movie called “180” that can be viewed online free of charge.

What If…

OK, let me first say I know we should not get caught up in the ‘what ifs’ of life, but I think there are times that in the process of making decisions we should consider what the possibilities might be down the road some.

Have you ever watched ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’?  People love to watch that movie especially around the holidays.  It gives people such a warm fuzzy feeling about life.  Evil fails and good shines out as worth while.  If you are not familiar with the film, the title character, George Bailey, has always been generous and done everything he can to help others, but finds himself in an apparent no-win situation not of his own making and he starts thinking suicide might be the answer.  Then an angel comes to show him what life would have been like if he had never been born. (Ever wish you could see what life would have been like if you hadn’t been born?  I have. )  The movie makes a strong case for not giving up because we don’t know how we have influenced the lives of others in a positive way.  Which is a good message, but I’d like to spin our thoughts in another direction for a moment or two.

What if we could see the influence each of our children will have in their lifetime.  If we could see the people they will touch, help, protect, encourage, exhort, edify?  What if we could see what the world would be like in the future without their life interwoven into the whole?  Since God doesn’t show us all the future in high-definition, we simply don’t know if our child will be another ‘George Bailey’ saving his or her own ‘Bedford Falls’ or not, right?

Here is the kicker, God gives children as a gift and we don’t have any way of knowing what that gift will do in society until it happens, but if we decide that it isn’t important enough to find out, we will never know.  Just maybe our ‘Bedford Falls’ is the wretched place that it is because someone didn’t think their ‘George (or Georgette) Bailey’ was worth giving birth to?

Whether or not your child has been born yet, maybe he or she will change their ‘Bedford Falls’ into a place worth living in one of these days!

Please keep in mind if you are pregnant and thinking about whether or not to abort your baby, he or she is a baby no matter what people tell you.  Look at the evidence, it is all over the internet and as close as your own doctor’s office or crisis pregnancy clinic when you get an ultrasound.  So if you are pregnant, will you do us all a favor and remember we can’t know how the child within your womb might touch society?  Please don’t risk aborting the next ‘once in a generation voice’ or ‘George Bailey’ or maybe the one who will save you from unforeseen despair.  Give them the opportunity to become the gift to the world that God intended.  Our future as a society might one day depend on him or her, where will we be if he or she isn’t given the opportunity to be there for us?

“180” A 33 minute mind and destiny changer

This is a documentary that starts out with Ray Comfort asking people on the street if they know who Hitler was.  We all know who Hitler was, right?  Everyone does, right?  WRONG!  Ray asked something like a dozen people, maybe more, and only two or three knew of Hitler.

So what is mind or destiny changing about Hitler today?  He is just a dead guy who caused mind-blowing death and destruction, right?  True, but God can use even dead guys to change minds and destinies and that is what HE did through His willing servant, Ray.  Ray talked with numerous people in this documentary about Hitler and what he did.  Asks them probing, thought-provoking questions about their reactions to what Hitler did and what they would do in circumstances controlled by someone like Hitler.

Then he talks to them about a modern issue, ‘pro-choice‘, abortion, ‘a woman’s right to choose’.  A number of the people he talked with expressed strong ‘pro-life’ sentiments while discussing Hitler, but then ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-abortion’ beliefs when the abortion issue comes up.  Ray walks them through the two issues and helps them see that their thoughts about abortion are fundamentally at odds with their otherwise pro-life beliefs.

Then in one last step, Ray takes on the issue of their eternal destiny and gets even the most zealous objector to come to a point of thinking about his eternal destiny and what he needs to do to not end up in hell.

Please take 33 minutes and watch this video.  Then ask your friends and family to each take 33 minutes to watch it.