‘The Harbinger Decoded’ by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

‘The Harbinger Decoded’ gives a brief highlight of each of the Harbingers recorded in ‘The Harbinger’ book. It gives a brief explanation of how ancient Israel and the United States have taken parallel courses in history and how the judgements given to ancient Israel are now being given to the United States as well.

Jonathan Cahn is a messianic rabbi who was given a message for the United States. A warning that Christians need to hear and heed. Obviously, when God goes to the minute detail to get a warning out as He did in this case, it is very important that we get that warning out to as many as possible.

This video is good as a stand alone for those who get their information audibly rather than reading. My one concern is the background music is a bit too loud for anyone with hearing problems. It tends to mask the message a bit. Since the message is so important, I’d love to see the publisher come out with a version that tames the music some so even those with hearing issues could get God’s warning in full too.

My only other thought on the video is that since it is a warning to God’s people, it should be put into the public arena in a way that cost isn’t a limiting factor in getting the message out.

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Israel – Should Israel Exist? Should She Inhabit the Land?

There is a lot of talk these days about Israel.  Many are upset with her for even claiming her homeland and call her an invader or worse.  Some even go so far as to want her pushed into the sea and all the Jewish people of the world wiped off the face of the earth.  Of course those same people would like to eliminate Christians as well.

In ‘A Covenant Forever’ by Dr. Jeremiah he discusses this issue briefly.  It isn’t an in-depth coverage, but rather short, and to the point.  DavidJeremiah.org – Magazine.

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn is a very interesting and thought-provoking book.

One interesting point is that Mr. Cahn puts a disclaimer at the beginning of ‘The Harbinger’ stating it is written as a fictional piece, but that it is really true.

Something else I found interesting was the way it was written.  It is basically all dialog between two main characters (Nouriel and the prophet), a main character and a minor character (Nouriel and the publisher) and two minor characters (the publisher and her secretary).  The ‘prophet’ leads Nouriel Kaplan through a series of mysteries and hidden truths. The secretary is a very minor character who the publisher talks with two or three times to make time for Nouriel to tell her (the publisher) what he has come to share.  The rest of the book is Nouriel telling the publisher what the prophet showed him.

So what did the prophet show Nouriel?  Well all I can say is that it is both ancient and modern.  Warnings given thousands of years ago that are once again being called out to deaf ears and stony hearts.  To find out the rest you will have to read the book yourself.

I recommend this book and its message to all of us. Whether or not the storyline is factual, or the warnings are really being sounded for us as a country today, I believe there are two basic messages in this book that we as a country and each of us as individuals must take to heart.  Both messages stem from God’s nature.  Read the book and let the messages change your life.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.