“So what if abortion ends life?” ???

It is a question that Mary Elizabeth Williams asked and wrote an article on back in 2013. Is it a question that resonates with you or do you find the idea abhorrent that human life is so coldly dismissed? Personally, I believe the bible speaks to this issue and calls it murder. I could attempt to address what she wrote and what many in favor of abortion believe by quoting scripture verses like: Exodus 20:13 – Thou shall not murder; and Exodus 23:7 – Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty. But recently I saw a video by pastor Matt Chandler from The Village Church, which I feel addresses the issue very well. The video is at https://youtu.be/absW29h8kGA
Or if you would like to see the full sermon it is available at http://thevillagechurch.net/resources/sermons/detail/the-sanctity-of-human-life/

Also at the same link above is the transcript you can read if you prefer.

One last point. God doesn’t acquit the guilty, but if we put our trust in Jesus, He gives us the free gift of Jesus righteousness. HE wipes away our sins when we ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, because HE laid those sins upon Jesus and our sins were paid in full by Jesus at His death on the cross. Thus our guilt wasn’t acquitted, but paid for by Jesus.


Your Chariot Awaits by Lorena McCourtney

Andi (short for Andalusia) McConnell teams up with Fitz (Keegan Fitzpatrick who is a co-owner of a charter boat service but was once an actor who played a TV private investigator) to solve a murder mystery that Andi finds herself the prime suspect.  Joella P. Picault (Andi’s renter and good friend) comes along for moral support.

Andi has just turned sixty, is single, just lost her job, and finds herself the surprising inheritor of a luxurious limousine or limouzeen as her late Uncle Ned called it.  Could she make a living hiring her newly inherited limousine out for special occasions?  Just as importantly, can she and Fitz clear her of murder?

I liked the way Lorena developed the characters within the story.  How she shows Andi drawn to Joella’s faith in God and the progression Andi goes through as circumstances become more than she can handle on her own.  I like the positive effect Joella has on everyone around her except maybe the nosy neighbor with binoculars, Tom Bolton.

One of the things I like about Lorena McCourtney’s books, including this one, is also one of the things I don’t like about them as well.  Each time I get started on one of her books, I don’t want to stop reading until I’ve finished even if that means staying up until 5:30 am to do so.

If you enjoy mysteries, check this book out.

Stranded by Lorena McCourtney

What is so special about Hello Colorado?  It is the setting for Lorena McCourtney’s fourth book in the Ivy Malone Mystery series.  Ivy Malone, the LOL (little old lady) with the ‘mutant curiosity gene’ and her young friend Abilene find themselves stranded in Hello Colorado after Ivy’s RV dies in the middle of a Colorado mountain road, about ten miles out of Hello.

Right off the bat, Ivy learns that a wealthy citizen in the town had been murdered not long before she and Abilene came along and after meeting the town’s top suspect Ivy finds her curiosity stirred.

With  Ivy, Abilene, and Koop coming to town, Hello Colorado will never be the same.

Lorena McCourtney’s novels are easy to read and delightful.  The characters in this series are engaging and the stories have each incorporated Ivy’s faith in practical ways.  The only thing I don’t like as I’ve written before, is the trail of dead bodies, because it seems that we are desensitizing ourselves to such things in our society by throwing them in right and left into so much of what we read, watch, and listen to.  Thankfully Lorena keeps the deaths to a minimum in this last book of the series as she did the second book of the series.

Lorena McCourtney has become one of my favorite fiction writers and apart from the dead bodies, I would recommend her books to anyone looking for light, entertaining reading.

On The Run by Lorena McCourtney

Ivy is running from the murderous thugs from home.  She needs a place to hide that lets her escape their notice and in an RV that isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do since the hometown thugs know what the RV looks like and Ivy thinks they might even have her license plate number.  Plus, driving a gas guzzling RV and parking in RV parks is seriously eating into her fixed income so she needs somewhere cheep to stay as well as inconspicuous.  Thus the stage is set for her next adventure as she stumbles upon yet another murder mystery.

This time she befriends a young lady who has a few mysteries of her own, as well as murderous thugs to elude.  Between the two of them they manage to get into some interesting predicaments, have some fun adventures, unravel and solve the latest mystery, and develop a deep, mutually beneficial friendship that transcends hardship and danger.

This could be called a colorful story.  Between the eccentric couple who hoard everything from gas and diesel to a mountain of toilet paper, emus that create suspense and drama, paintball fights, and even more colorful people, On The Run is imaginative and inspirational as well as entertaining.

When Ivy and Abilene first discover the murder victims they contact 911 and are told that the police are busy with a couple of other deaths.  Thus when Sargent Dole shows up he seems to be a bit preoccupied and unwilling to take Ivy and Abilene seriously, but Deputy Hamilton seems to have his doubts as to what happened at the secluded former hunting lodge just as Ivy and Abilene do.

Overall aside from the dead bodies, which I always bring up when saying if I’d recommend the book or not, if you get the opportunity to read On The Run by Lorena McCourtney, I’d recommend doing so.  It is as delightful and the first two books in the Ivy Malone series were.

In Plain Sight by Lorena McCourtney

LOL (little old lady) Ivy Malone is as engaging in this second book as she was in the first.  Lorena McCourtney writes a good story and the twists in her plots will have you guessing throughout the book.

Lorena’s Ivy is such a wonderful character, I find myself wishing I could meet her in real life.

Book two finds Ivy staying with her grand-niece, 14-year-old Sandy until school is out.  DeeAnn, Ivy’s niece, and nephew-in-law Mike have moved to Hawaii but ask Ivy to house sit for them and chaperone Sandy their daughter.

Ivy loves the idea especially as it gets her away from the murderous thugs who had threatened to kill her or at least she hopes it will.

While at DeeAnn and Mike’s place in Arkansas, Ivy once again finds her ‘mutant curiosity gene’ stirred up by a mysterious neighbor.

The story is set in the Ozarks, outside Woodston Arkansas, next to Little Tom Lake.

Some of the crew from the first book come to visit Ivy: Mac the wandering Rv’er, Jordan the lawyer friend from church, and Magnolia the flamboyant neighbor from home who travels the country looking for distant kin from her family tree.

As with the first book, In Plain Sight, is fun and easy to read.  I’m not one big on dead bodies scattered throughout a book, but aside from that would recommend it highly.

Kiss Me If You Dare by Nicole Young

Book three in Nicole Young’s three book Patricia Amble series.

Patricia has lost some of her memory and her name, she finds herself in California staying with Brad’s mentor, Dr. Denton.

Since she has no job, and no past she can go back to, Tish finds herself relying on Dr. Denton for her immediate needs of food, shelter, clothing, and protection.  He persuades her to enroll in college and she finds herself growing spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

All the while she is tormented by the separation from Brad and her family/home back in Michigan.

Part of her college education is working on a block of houses for impoverished people who need a home for their families.  Not only are her skills as a renovator put to the test, but she is pushed to reach out and become a more rounded person.

If you have read Love Me If You Must and Kill Me If You Can, then this is a must read!  You don’t want to miss this third book in the series.  In some ways it is my favorite of the three.  Nicole Young wraps things up in this last book that are left hanging in books one and two.

I can’t say that Nicole Young’s Patricia Ambles series is an especially inspiring set of books from a Christian perspective, but other than dead bodies popping up and some violence, the books are not filled with objectionable material.

Nicole Young’s Book #2 in the Patricia Amble Mysteries Series

Nicole Young titled this the 2nd book in her Patricia Amble Mysteries three book series, ‘Kill Me If You Can‘.

Patricia (Tish to her friends) starts her next project in Upper Michigan.  Her plans are to renovate the cabin she lived in with her mother as a child.  As a secondary project she intends to find out as much about her mother as she can.  As it turns out she finds out more than she bargained for and picks up some powerful enemies to boot.

Once again, dead bodies cross her path more than once as she delves into the secrets some would rather she didn’t learn about her mom, dad, extended family, and friends.

The characters in this book grow on you, maybe even more so than the characters from Love Me If You Must (except for Brad).

Nicole Young throws in a few twists in the plot along the way that keeps the story interesting, and works with different characters in each book of the series, but she also brings characters back from the earlier books which provides continuity to the story as it progresses.

If you have read ‘Love Me If You Must’, I’d strongly recommend reading ‘Kill Me If You Can’ as well as the third book in the series, ‘Kiss Me If You Dare‘.

Love Me if You Must by Nicole Young

This is a story about a single woman, Patricia Amble, who fixes up old houses, but actually much more than that as well.  Over most of the book it gives glimpses into her past, explaining in part why she is and has done certain things in the present.  In addition to buying an old fixer-upper, she finds that she is living in a spooky old house in the midst of a community full of mysteries.

As many mystery writers often do, Nicole weaves into her story various characters that add to the mysteries Patricia finds herself mixed up in and she has to determine who she can trust amongst them.  Nicole throws in a little love, a little hate, doubts, hysteria, and some plot twists to keep it interesting.   Along the way, Nicole also plants a number of Christian seeds in Patricia’s life and if the ground is good soil, the reader’s heart/mind as well.

This story was filled with suspense, but wasn’t overly frightening, although I did find a time or two that  if I’d been watching it on tv I would have covered my eyes so as to not ‘see’ what was going to happen next.  Of course since I was reading it, and not watching it except in my mind’s eye, that wasn’t possible.

This is a murder mystery, even though I’ve read a number of murder mysteries recently, and liked the books other than the dead bodies, I’d rather have a mystery that didn’t have any.  Over all, murders aside, I’d recommend it though.