Do you have an Eternal Perspective? Is it important?

In his article, “The Important of an Eternal Perspective”, Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspective Ministries touches on why he believes looking at things in light of eternity is important.

The Importance of an Eternal Perspective – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries.

Do you agree?

Multiple Alcorns

Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspective Ministries is one of my favorite Christian non fiction writers. I follow his blog and make time for reading any new posts he puts out.

In the blog post below Randy shares some misunderstandings that have come up from time to time over multiple Alcorns. Since he and his wife are well-known in Christian circles, I thought putting a link to his post on my blog might be worth doing.  Maybe help prevent future misunderstandings by spreading his words of clarification to others.

A Tale of Four Alcorns – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries.

In the comments to Randy’s post numerous people have shared similar occurrences in their own lives. I have had other Sharon Clarks mistaken for me and my mom had medical insurance with a company that had another woman with the same name as her own, covered by the same company, who lived in the same city. For a time I went to church with Sharon Stone. She was the pianist and sang every Sunday, but she wasn’t the Sharon Stone of fame.  How about you? Were you aware of the multiple Alcorns of influence writing and ministering out in public, right here in the United States? Have you or someone you know been mistaken for someone else by the same name before?

Will God Forgive Someone Who ______?

As a Christian, do you believe that Jesus can and/or will forgive anyone?  What about a murderer? Or a rapist? How about someone who rapes and kills a child?

Randy Alcorn’s article below goes into what he believes on the matter and why.

Response to the Idea that God Forgives a Child Killer – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries.

Where do I stand on the subject? I agree with Mr. Alcorn. How about you?

Courageous by Randy Alcorn

‘Courageous’ is a collaborative work between Randy Alcorn and the creators of ‘Fireproof’. Randy took the screenplay written by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick and adapted it to make it into a novel. I have not seen the movie ‘Courageous’, but having read the book it is one that I hope to one day get to see.

This is a story that focuses on the lives of four police officers, their families, and an immigrant and his family. It touches on topics like gangs, drugs, divorce, and suicide. It also highlights gang and police cultures. Points out some of the perceived strengths of each and sheds light upon the weaknesses too. I feel that the characters are believable and well-developed. The story moves along and has some surprises along the way.

The heart of the story is the changes that happen when first one and then another, and others choose to step up and purposely live their lives as the men God has called them to be in their families.

Guys, want to be a Godly father? Reading this book will not give you all the answers, only one book can do that, but the ideas expressed are rooted in the Bible. Furthermore, it is an entertaining way to absorb some sound Biblical principles.

For the rest of us, it is an enjoyable way to take in some Biblical truths that are too easily ignored in our current society.

Courageous Cover Image

Deception by Randy Alcorn

‘Deception’ by Randy Alcorn is a fictional story set in Portland, Oregon. The main character Oliver Chandler or Ollie is a homicide detective. Ollie is a fan of fictional characters who use unconventional methods to uphold justice. He is an opinionated, self-righteous, justice seeker, who rubs fellow detectives, the press, and his superiors the wrong way. Ollie is a widower who feels the need to self medicate with alcohol. A lot of alcohol. He isn’t a Christian but he has some Christian friends who care a great deal for him. Throughout most of the story he verbally spars with his friends about becoming a Christian.

The story revolves around the solving of a homicide that he, his partner, and a journalist are assigned to solve and cover.

Randy does something in his books that I really appreciate. He shows flashes of the thoughts or conversations of those who have passed beyond this life. The conversations of those in Heaven looking down on what is happening on earth, and the thoughts and realizations of one who has found himself in hell. It gives Mr. Alcorn’s stories more depth than if he didn’t do it.

As I’ve said before, I do not like to have a lot of murders in a story as it seems to desensitize us over time to something God hates and forbids. Sadly there are a string of murders in ‘Deception’ but as it is written about the professional and private life of a homicide detective it is basically realistic in that regard.

I would recommend one read it not so much for the storyline which evolves around a series of homicides, but more for the arguments/apologetics given by the Christians who witness to Ollie and for the observations made in Heaven and Hell. I appreciate the firm stand Mr. Alcorn takes within the story on the need to become a Christian and how that is accomplished.

Deception book cover image

The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

The Chasm – A Journey to the Edge of Life is another one of those books that I feel every Christian should read.  It is a fictional book, but it shows life so well.  It is only 120 pages (small pages) and some of those are drawings.

Mr. Alcorn uses Nick Seagrave’s journey on the ‘red road’ and ‘gray roads’ to tell a universal story, a story that speaks of the spiritual condition of every person who ever lived.  Whether it is today, six thousand years ago, or a thousand years from now.

Mr. Alcorn shows us the life and death battles going on around each of us on a spiritual level, shows how we each have contributed to Jesus death on the cross, gives a stark look at how completely our sin separates us from our deepest desires, and how the only answer to our plight is through Jesus.  He also shows the battle lines of good and evil along with the unimaginable love that endured unspeakable evil to make a way for those of us who had no way to that love (all of us).  He shows the sad reality that some will turn their backs on the way provided and walk away from that love because they either have to face the price they cost Jesus to give it, or because they can’t control it.

All of this is shown in a non preachy story format.  It is a short story, in a small book, but the inspiration given and truths revealed are enormous!

I’d not only recommend this book to family, friends, and/or anyone, but I pray that as many as possible read it.  Mr. Acorn is a gifted writer and his books are worth the time and energy to read.